How Does a Topical Numbing Cream Affect Your Body?

How Does a Topical Numbing Cream Affect Your Body?


Topical numbing cream contains the active ingredient Lidocaine, which acts on nerves by blocking their conduction. These creams may be beneficial in relieving pain caused by a burning or itching sensation, but there are many side effects of this drug. It is important to consult a medical professional before using any topical numbing cream for these reasons. If used improperly, topical numbing cream can cause life-threatening effects.

Lidocaine is the active ingredient in many topical numbing creams:

Many of these topical numbing creams contain Lidocaine, the same chemical compound that causes the numbing sensation to be felt. Many of these products can be absorbed into the skin quickly, and their effects can last for several hours. The active ingredient in these products is liposomal, which can easily penetrate deeper into the skin. These products contain a high concentration of Lidocaine. They are fast-acting and can be applied up to six times daily. The maximum numbing effect can be felt within 20 minutes, and the effects may last up to an hour or more.

It blocks nerve impulse conduction:

Local anesthetics such as topical numbing creams block nerve impulse conduction by inhibiting the action of voltage-gated Na+ channels at the pore or intracellular site. In addition, lumbar plexus blocks are also useful for relieving pain following a surgical procedure or cancer in the same area. Similarly, sacral plexus blocks are used to relieve pain from sciatica and are combined with lumbar plexus blocks.

It soothes burning or itching skin:

While many of us think of topical numbing cream for burning and itching skin as something we can apply to relieve the itching and burning, it is also effective for stasis dermatitis. This skin condition, which affects many people, is characterized by irregular blood flow in veins. As a result, the fluid from the veins leaks into the skin.

It reduces pain:

A topical numbing cream is a medicine applied to the skin to reduce the sensation of pain. These creams are absorbed into the bloodstream. They can cause serious side effects in high concentrations, such as heart rhythm problems or seizures. In addition, they can remain on the skin for a long time and maybe applied over infected or damaged skin. Before applying them to your body, you should discuss these creams with a medical professional.